Privilege for Nitan’s VIP Member Only

VIP customers are eligible of having 5% off from all items and a further 5% discount for those products
that are on promotion and ordered online through our site at Anyone can easily join the
VIP members club without the need to collect your purchase amount by simply just following the steps below:

Join our vip list

Posting your memorable pictures and moments on your social media accounts wearing Nitan’s wide range of products from our specially designed breastfeeding dress or shirts to our comfortable postpartum and maternity trousers. Our soft and cozy slip-on shoes will do to!

Share your heart felt stories and memorable experiences from breastfeeding or whilst your were pregnant. Please also mention your satisfactory from wearing Nitan’s nursing cover to breastfeed your child. *Most importantly* please include hashtags on your captions with #Nitanfamily #ilovenitan @ilovenitan and also tagging the picture to ‘ilovenitan’ on both IG and FB

Screenshot your posts and send them in to LINE@: @ilovenitan. Please also include your name, mobile phone number , email and the address you want the VIP member card to be sent to

Just by following these simple steps, you can now be a part of Nitan’s special VIP member
and will be able to use different discounts and enjoy a splendid shopping experience at Nitan.
The membership card has no expiry date, so you won’t need to worry about re-applying for your membership

-The opening times for VIP member applications will be open on certain periods, whereby Nitan will announce accordingly
-You can follow up on the latest news and updates on VIP application dates through LINE: @ilovenitan, Facebook: ilovenitan or Instagram: @ilovenitan