Lactation Supplement

Box Of 2 Lactation Crackers and Granola Cookies

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 Crackers (low-sugar formula) and 0% sugar granola, both promoting healthy lactation. They are specifically made to assist nursing mothers and are rich in nutrients, helping to stimulate and enhance the mother’s ability to produce milk, ensuring an adequate supply of milk to meet the baby's needs.

Each box contains 1 jar of crackers and 1 jar of granola, both promoting healthy lactation.

Key ingredients:

> Jasmine brown rice flour

> Brewer's yeast

> Organic flaxseeds

> Organic oats

> Organic chia seeds

> Gros michel bananas

Packed with B vitamins, various vitamins, calcium, protein, dietary fiber, omega-3, iron, and other minerals, they provide high nutritional value. Suitable for nursing mothers allergic to ingredients such as butter, dairy, eggs, wheat flour, nuts, fish, and seafood. They can be consumed as snacks between meals or as breakfast substitutes with milk, which is also delicious.

Our crackers that promote healthy lactation do not contain any oil or refined white sugar. We use only a small amount of brown sugar to enhance the flavor. However, for mothers who do not prefer sweet flavors or are monitoring their sugar intake, our 0% sugar granola, which promotes healthy lactation, can also be consumed without affecting the sugar levels in the blood as it contains 0% sugar and uses sweetness from monk fruit as an alternative.

Both jars are elegantly packaged in a special Nitan box, suitable as a gift or for personal consumption, making it a worthy choice.