Lactation Supplement

2 Boxes Of 10 Soft And Chewy Lactation Cookies

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A boxset of soft cookies that promote healthy lactation 2 sets (20 pieces)
1 box consists of 10 soft cookies with mixed flavors (Total 20 pcs)
The 3 flavors are:
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
Jackfruit seed

These three new, premium soft cookie flavors help promote healthy lactation and will surely be loved by mothers and health-conscious individuals. They are rich in nutrients, free from wheat, butter, dairy, nuts, and oils. The cookies are made from 100% jasmine brown rice, with only a small amount of brown sugar used to enhance the flavor. Other key ingredients include Brewer’s Yeast, oats, organic flaxseeds, organic chia seeds, and Gros Michel bananas, all of which are rich in nutrients, including B vitamins, various vitamins, calcium, protein, dietary fiber, omega-3, iron, and other minerals, to help stimulate and enhance the mother’s ability to produce high-quality milk.

The milk and dark chocolate flavors incorporate premium dairy-free, 100% plant-based chocolate, while the new, unique jackfruit seed-flavored cookie is known for its benefits for breastfeeding mothers.

The cookies are beautifully presented in a box, suitable as a gift for postnatal visits or special occasions for mothers.

Instructions for consumption:
When taken out of the refrigerator, leave for 5-10 minutes to thaw before eating, or if you prefer warm cookies, heat them in an oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.

Storage instructions:
Store them in the freezer compartment (freezer drawer) for up to 20 days.

Instructions for consumption:
Take them out from the refrigerator and let them thaw for 5-10 minutes before eating. Alternatively, you can enjoy them warm by putting them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes.

Note: This price includes temperature-controlled delivery.